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As young boy, with only 12 years of age Branko CikatiŠ start training Tae-kwon-do in which he made to 1. day black belt. When he was 16 years old he took karate lessons (shotokan style) in which he made to 2. day black belt, and in the same time he trained Judo and won the blue belt. With 18 years he started to with english box and mades 16 victories in 17 fights, and after that he starts to fight in Full contact and Kickboxing.

For a full decade, Branko CikatiŠ has been winning World and European martial arts championships, at both amateur and proffesional levels. In his twenty-year-long athletic career, he himself inflicted knock-out defeats in almost 200 of the 250 contest he has fought.

As one of the world's finest athlets and presently at the peak of his career, Branko CikatiŠ, (the "Croatian Tiger") is the founder and owner of TIGAR, a company which provides physical and technical security and protection. Throughout the years of his career in which he has been the world champion and Grand Master of the most dangerous martial arts he has preserved his personal physical, moral and mental integrity, due to his innate intelligence, strength, tenacity and natural talent. By his imparting his experience and knowledge to others, by paying close attention to the most important details of the proffesion, Branko CikatiŠ has made TIGAR a dependable and conscientious guardian of people's property, personal privacy and of large gatherings covered by the media.

Those who aspire to a position with TIGAR must have unblemished past, a sound family back-ground, as well as possessing certian physical and psychological attributes. A pleasing demeanour, efficiency, courtesy and unobtrusive behaviour, and a pleasant manner in dealing and communicating with people, all are the outward personal characteristic of TIGAR employees. There is, however, one part of daily routine that is less apparent to the outsider, albeit obligatory, and which involves daily training in various martial arts, the maintenance of personal physical and mental conditions, as well as training in surveillance and in perfecting techniques of protection and guard duties. The logistic support offered by sophisticated technology ensures that the services provided by TIGAR are effective and reliable, which has been provided for mass political gatherings and rallies, sports events, concerts and other manifestation. The high reputation enjoyed by Branko CikatiŠ, both in the world of international sport and in the public media, can provide a substational link between the business interests of Europe and the Far East, as well as constituting a bridge connecting the business world of the Far East with that of Europe, including Croatia.

Additionally, Branko CikatiŠ is the founder of the Croatian Tigar Sports Club, and custombuilt sports halls for training and practicing in the martial arts have been constructed in Zagreb and Split. Club members, one of whom holds the European proffesional Thai boxing title, have achieved significant and creditable results.

I HAVE IT ALL, Branko CikatiŠ could say; being as he is one of the world's most successful athlets, a world champion several times over, and winner of numerous gold medals in the most dangerous of martial arts. In Japan, he enjoys great popularity as one of the best-known sumo wrestlers; he is also one ot the rare Europeans whose name Japanese fans pronounce correctly when shouting their support during his contests.